Fee Structure

Fully serviced: $6995

At the start of your journey with us, we offer a complementary consultation to assess your situation. This will give you piece of mind to knowing whom you’re working with.

Once you’re ready to engage us, we have the following terms for a full buyer’s agent service agreement:

  • Fixed fees, regardless of your budget and spend.
  • We offer a 6-month buying contract
  • 25% of the fee is paid upfront (non-refundable), the balance is only payable if we purchase. If we don’t purchase, you don’t pay.

The terms have been designed around our client’s piece of mind; our buyer’s agents put emphasis buying the right property.

Analysis & Negotiation only $4800

Our negotiating only plans offer the same terms as the above except cutting out the planning and recommending process.

This plan allows you the buyer to give us the property you would like to purchase. We will conduct a property inspection, market analysis and a private treaty or auction negotiation.

We repeat this process until you purchase.

Negotiate Only Plan

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